Watercolor, 7" X 14", 2021

Water often leads the way when I paint.  I dance with it and follow its path.  The sensuality of the water and the interaction with the watercolor remind me of how nature never exists in a vacuum, but always in relationship.  Likewise with human beings.

Shape Shifter, an exhibition of serigraphs, is a foray into new territory. I am known for my abstract, sensuous, colorful, motion filled watercolors.   Here, I am incorporating silkscreen into the watercolors, grounding the ethereal images with solid shapes.

I am a painter, printmaker and photographer.   From my observation and scrutiny of what surrounds me, I discover the extraordinary in the ordinary. I seek to distill the essence of a shape or scene until it becomes unrecognizable as to its source, but it is the source, the original shape, that inspires me. I also juxtapose images in unexpected ways to provide me and the viewer with a new perspective.

See if you can find the vehicles and articles of clothing that inspired these works.

The pure white pages of a braille book with its beautiful, embossed bumps, both convex and concave, touched me. I knew that I had to create something with them. I explore layering visual language on top of a tactile language through writing, printmaking, photographing, collaging and painting.