Water often leads the way when I paint.  I dance with it and follow its path.  The sensuality of the water and the interaction with the watercolor remind me of how nature never exists in a vacuum, but always in relationship.  Likewise with human beings. HOT!A Stroke of LightStorm ApproachingMoroccoDuskSand StormInfernoBoatingOne StandingLand or Sea or SkySea GoldWeatheringCatapultFrond in the WindLa RondeBlue OrbsLava FlowDetachingCrucibleGold KissesCradleSoftspokenDancing with the ElementsCircling the VoidNoThingAloneHopeNothing DoingNot Over My Dead BodyExperimenting with BlackStorm BloomHurricane WatchStorm at DuskA GlimpseCalifornia Burnin'WindstormStill Life in LandscapeRadiationWe Are All ConnectedWorld in HarmonySeaside FantasyHeat ShimmerThrough the Looking GlassSummer Dance (triptych)Elles dansent