Impulse is what drives my painting. Sometimes the impulses come fast and furious, and I am in "synch" with the energy. My body, the brush and the paint move in unison with each other. Sometimes, the impulses are slower and more thoughtful. Dance has had a profound impact on my painting. I am very sensitive to the movement of the medium on a surface.

This is what led to my explorations with braille.  The texture of the paper appealed to me both visually and tactilely.

In watercolor, when I paint wet on wet, there is a silkiness to the strokes. I don't have to fight with the paint, and there is a flow to the movement of the paint with the water. Likewise when I choose India ink and paint with large, Japanese calligraphy brushes.

I am a kinesthetic being. I cannot live without movement and touch. The feel of a medium is very important to me. I seek a kinesthetic/tactile connection and a feeling of softness in the medium. Watercolor brushes are soft, water is soft. When I do assemblage, the soft, squishy texture of clay satisfies me, the softness of feathers and the velvety fur that I choose soothe me. This search for softness counters the violence that I see in our world today. It is my way of complementing it, reshaping it, reminding myself that goodness and gentleness are still possibilities for action.

Another major influence in my work has been my exploration of body-mind disciplines and the healing arts (Tai Chi, Feldenkrais, Polarity Therapy, Yoga, Meditation). Here again, my kinesthetic nature has led me to explore how my body and mind/heart are connected. I seek to refine this connection when I create.

My artistic search returns to the creative impulse, the original impulse of creation. How will it be expressed? What will it manifest? What will it reveal to me?